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”Randy Marcotte” position=”CEO, President & Co-Founder” imgurl=”9358″]

Randy was born and raised in Massachusetts and comes from a very large family. This environment gave him the passion for exploring and creating from a very early age. He graduated from Catholic University of America in Washington D.C., with a B.A. in History and Politics. After running an Oakland, California based housing and HIV Education program, he entered the technology field as an Account Executive with AT&T.

He received a Masters of Public Administration and Organizational Change from Cal State East Bay in 1999 and soon after took his data and IP experiences at AT&T and became the VP of Sales and Marketing at a leading Bay Area reseller of IP Networks, ShoreTel and LifeSize products, Xtelesis. During this time Randy also became a trained facilitator for the Stanford Business School. This led to a successful consultant practice created and managed by him at Change Experts.

Randy has recently turned his passion for creating, organizing and selling into strategic partnerships that leverage his intensity while creating Global-Call SIP-based managed VoIP and conferencing solutions and Perfect Video Conferencing, IP Video Conferencing solutions offered as a managed service.

When not working or adoring his friends, family and partner, Randy can be found training for a marathon or triathlon, or enjoying the restaurants of the San Francisco Bay Area or Vancouver, B.C.

John Killcommons
CIO & Co-Founder

John graduated from SUNY Maritime with a B.S. in Electrical Engineering and a U.S. Coast Guard Third Assistants Engineers License for any steam or motor vessel in any ocean. After graduation, John took a job with Exxon Shipping Company until end of 1996 leaving as a First Assistant Engineer and traveling the globe. John secured a position with MCI Local Service as Technical consultant/Engineer where he helped to build out 90 local phone markets following the Telecom Act of 1996. John held a number of positions with MCI, WCOM, VzB and led the teams of engineers to build out the largest VoIP network of its time with about 3 million subscribers at its peak. John was a director of professional services for a small Oakland, California company Night Fire which developed a service provider interface with all CLEC/ILECs to complete the ordering process for loop/number ports.

During his extensive professional career John also took time to help develop a few private businesses including Nexsys Electronics, Inc, Medweb, PixelRiver Technology, LLC, and Radiology Records, LLC. These diverse but very successful businesses provided a number of software and IT solutions to both private companies and governments around the world.
John has recently turned his passion and experience with building technology businesses to areas of personal interest – Perfect VC providing HD Video Conferencing Services, providing high-end VoIP solutions and conferencing, and Sports Foundation Development Group to support the consulting requirements of the sports John’s idea for the Sports Foundation was born from observations of his own three kids and their love for sports. Through his technology experience, John realized a need for a system to keep track of their future events as well as a way to make technology work for the many volunteers involved in youth sports (and protect information at the same time).

Chris Hentschel

Chris brings over 20 years in healthcare management, advanced facilitation skills, project management and strategic planning expertise to the growing and diverse Perfect Video Conferencing team.

Chris’s mission is to help Perfect Video Conferencing continuously work to further define its company culture and passion for Customer satisfaction, partnership, growth, and responsibility. He is also here to make sure we’re always asking, “How can we do this better?”, always pushing to aim at the right target with the best arrows.

Melissa Vega
Accounting & Operations

Michael Granados
Sales Director

Chris Alvarez
Marketing & Sales Coordinator

Brice Cole
Customer Success Technician


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Raudel Wilson
Account Manager

Thomas Brenkwitz
Customer Success Specialist

Ken Gurgone
Marketing Coordinator

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