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Joining the AV Consortium of Partners

To join the AV consortium, please contact Raudel Wilson at or at 516-282-2817. For a point of reference from a consortium member, please contact Robert Crawford or Jim at

What happens at the meetings:
– Product demos from various manufacturers
– Testing of various video conferencing platforms
– Discussion about involving latest trends and pitfalls in the industry
– Sharing of resources and industry knowledge
– Showcasing of each members organization’s superpowers.
– Hands-on testing of the latest hardware

Participation: The point of this group is to find ways to expand our respective business and to build stronger relationships- with our customers, our vendors and with other members of this community. We have found that the members who participate and collaborate the most are the ones who generate the most business and have the most satisfied clients. It is encouraged that each member bring something to the table. It could be an idea, or help with a project, or sharing of best practices in their area. Each of us has something we do that has worked well for us, and sharing those stories or ideas with others here in this consortium will make us all stronger.

Meetings: The AV Consortium will have a scheduled meeting over video and in person on a bi-monthly basis. Meetings typically last between 1-3 hours depending on content. The core consortium member may also call a special meeting for time-sensitive issues that affect the Consortium.

Attendance: Attendance is highly encouraged by a member of your organization. The consortium thrives with more participation and input from the members.


“The consortium has brought me significant business and new leads. It has allowed me to collaborate with other AV specialties that I can trust and rely on.” – Ray Diaz, Prime AV
“I find it beneficial because as a small company I don’t usually get access to exclusive content from manufacturers, but as a member of the consortium, I get access to those resources from the members that I collaborate with.” – Jeff Brotherston, AV Colorado

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