Perfect Video Conferencing Covid-19 Onsite Policy Staff and Contractors

Updated – 5-14-2020: PVC Guidelines for On-Site Install and Technical Assistance

These guidelines outline the steps PVC staff and contractors will follow during the coronavirus outbreak and subsequent controlled access protocols that we will follow. The intention is to help reduce and isolate any potential instances of transmission in order to assist with the local, regions, state, and national response to Covid-19.

In general terms, PVC and all contractors have been deemed a medium risk and essential workers.  Medium Risk category assessment is due to frequent and varied diverse public and staff interactions across office buildings and buildings. Essential work determination has been established due to our work in IT support and Telecommunications (Unified Video Collaboration).  PVC staff and contractors have digital copies of essential work authorization available upon request.

The basis of our response adheres to the guidelines established by the CDC and the US Department of Labor within the revised Occupational Safety and Health Act, 1970. These guidelines are available for download: OSHA Guidelines

Additional Resources are available from the CDC Personal Protective Equipment Resources

PVC has also used the state and federal guidelines to create and deploy a daily staff health check in order to assist with contact tracing, should that be necessary. Prior to on-site work and access, each of our staff will complete this short survey for documentation purposes. Survey.

Perfect Video Conferencing Onsite Commitment to Corona Free Conferencing

  1. Facemasks must be worn at all times and social distancing practices used.
  2. Frequent hand washing and hand washing/sanitization between rooms.
  3. No tools or gear shared between technicians unless gloves are worn at all times.
  4. Pre-shift, after hours, and overnight work hours available at no additional charge.
  5. PVC staff and technicians will not access common facilities outside of the washrooms, this includes employee cafeterias, lounges, or game rooms unless otherwise requested for installation.
  6. Post-install sanitation with bleach or disinfectant solution.
  7. Touch-free confirmation of installation – no signatures required and remote room certification.
  8. All staff is responsible for their own health and safety as well as accountable to that of the community, so full disclosure of coronavirus testing status, daily temperature checks, and no-penalty cancellation if a staff member is not well, or is unsure.
  9. No charge for same-day cancellations if staff or customer contacts are unsure of current health conditions and want to shelter in place as a precaution.
  10. Both PVC and customer contacts will provide access to cleaning supplies and facilities and request that customer contacts maintain the appropriate distance from any on-site contracted staff.

Return to Work – Insurance Implications for PVC and PVC Projects

Essentially, there is no change in how PVC, partners, and subcontractors will issue COI documents. Property managers will issue COI requirements and our insurance agencies will reply accordingly.

We have recently been asked how our insurance will respond to Coronavirus concerns, and here is what we received from State Farm (Liability)and a similar response was received from The Hartford (worker’s comp).

Customers with concerns can contact PVC, or reference our attached return to work guidelines and our documentation of work essential.


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