Lifesize Makes Video Conferencing

Simple And Portable

Enjoy features like point-to-point audio or video calling, connect your conferencing rooms to meeting participants

in a variety of locations on any number of devices, host large team meetings and record presentations

for your video conferencing with easy to use plug and play connected devices.

Connected, Intelligent Devices

With Lifesize’s great endpoints, USB camera and cloud services, you will have a clean end-to-end video conferencing experience. An intuitive, consistent interface, user directory and ease of use means less training and more rapid adoption. High-quality video and content sharing brings meetings to life. Lifesize SIP integration capabilities delivers truly unified communications. Price to performance – Lifesize is the best in market.

Lifesize Cloud

Lifesize Cloud makes it easy to join any meeting from anywhere. With Lifesize Cloud, you get search-based directory for instant calls, calls via your desktop or browser, easy screen sharing, live chat one-on-one, Google and Outlook integration and Lifesize Cloud Amplify.

Benefits of Lifesize Cloud Video Conferencing

Quick to access, easy to use.
Get up and running right away via your Google Chrome browser with the Lifesize Cloud Web App. And because Lifesizes UI is intuitive, you wont need an IT degree to use it.

One click to connect.
Lifesize Cloud is the only cloud-based, business-class video conferencing service that lets you call another person or meeting room directly. Pick a name or meeting room from the search-based directory and connect.

Use on the leading devices and browsers.
PC or Mac, tablet and smart phone (Android or iOS), Google Chrome or Internet Explorer. You can even join a Lifesize Cloud call from your Skype for Business client.

Reliable, safe and secure.
Go ahead and discuss top-secret information in confidence because Lifesize is powered by SoftLayer, an IBM Company, which means your conversations are encrypted. The service is also redundant and fault tolerant for unmatched reliability. In addition to the stellar support Perfect Video Conferencing provides, the awesome Lifesize Cloud Extreme Support Service team is available 24/7/365 to help ensure that your experience with Lifesize is phenomenal.

Automatic software updates.
You’ll always have the latest and greatest as the software updates automatically every time a new feature is available. You can even subscribe to receive real-time status updates so you’re always in the know on the latest and greatest updates.

Connected, intelligent devices

  • Lifesize is the ONLY vendor that makes a cloud bridge that populates the directories on the endpoints
  • Customers have lower cost to deploy
  • When Perfect Video Conferencing and Lifesize assist with installs, we use a web-based management to set up a global directory
  • Directory services can also include non-cloud connected systems
  • All connected devices get the directory automatically
  • Endpoints get automatic upgrades

Lifesize Icon Series

Lifesize Icon video conferencing systems are so easy to use that you can instantly connect with everyone you need, from anywhere. Perfect Video Conferencing has installed hundreds of these systems for its customers and can do the same for you! With the Icon system, you can add individuals and other conference rooms to your conversation with a click, share your screen, use virtual meeting rooms for regularly scheduled meetings, record and share with Lifesize Cloud Amplify, and of course pair with Lifesize Cloud.

Connected device for instant connections!
All Lifesize Icon video systems connect to Lifesize Cloud, an award-winning cloud service, so that you can take your conversations with you no matter where you are on whatever mobile device you happen to be using.

No technology degree required.
Setting up a Lifesize Icon is easy. Place your system in the meeting room, connect to a power source, display and Internet; and then let everyone know its ready for video calling.

Be a video conferencing pro.
You’ll quickly become a master at video conferencing with Lifesizes intuitive UI, which clearly shows you how to place a call, add someone to your meeting, share your screen and more.

Automatic software updates.
When you pair your Lifesize Icon video conferencing system to Lifesize Cloud, you’ll always be up to date as software updates automatically every time a new feature is available.

An Icon for every meeting space.
Once you start using the Lifesize Icon video conferencing system, nothing else will compare. And there’s an option for all of your meeting room sizes. Now go forth and share the power of collaboration.

Lifesize Icon 300

Huddle rooms are perfect for short, spontaneous meetings. The Lifesize® Icon 300™ brings simplicity and reliability to your huddle room working sessions, giving your teams the flexibility to connect face to face with anyone inside or outside of your network.

Lifesize Icon 450

The Icon 450 is perfectly designed to bring the power of video conferencing to huddle rooms, including optional camera tracking technology
  • Lifesize Icon 450 with integrated PTZ camera
  • Lifesize Phone HD
  • Power Supply/cables
  • Lifesize Remote Control

Lifesize Icon 500

The Icon 500 is designed for a range of conference room sizes, it delivers 4K content sharing and 4K video quality with impressive meeting room flexibility

  • Lifesize Icon 500 with integrated PTZ camera
  • Phone HD
  • Power supply/cables

Lifesize Phone HD

The smart phone for your conference room. With the phone HD, you can share content, launch calls, join meetings, change layouts and control the Lifesize camera right from your phone.

Lifesize Share

Lifesize Share makes it remarkably simple to share screens and present in meetings. Share allows you to share your screen in real-time, play a video and control your presentation right from your mobile device or laptop


The merger of Serenova and Lifesize introduces an exciting new company combining the most innovative technologies in cloud contact center and video collaboration solutions. It creates the first-ever platform focused on delivering unified, cloud-ready, omnichannel experiences for highly connected workplace collaboration and deeper customer engagement.

Lifesize Icon 400

Great for meeting in huddle rooms with small groups in attendance

  • System with embedded PTZ camera
  • Lifesize Digital MicPod
  • Lifesize Remote Control
  • Power supply and ethernet cable
  • Support for single display

Lifesize Icon 600

The Icon 600 supports multiple displays, cameras and microphone inputs, making it perfect for large meeting spaces.

  • Lifesize Icon 600 video system
  • Lifesize Camera 10x
  • Lifesize Digital MicPod
  • Lifesize Remote Control
  • Power supply/cables

Lifesize Icon 800

The Icon 800 is perfect for expansive meeting spaces and allows you to connect multiple devices while still delivering an immersive high quality experience.

  • Lifesize Icon 800 video system, with rack mounts attached
  • Lifesize Camera 10x
  • Lifesize Link Adapter
  • Lifesize Remote Control
  • Cables

Lifesize Icon 700

The Icon 700 is the premiere 4K cloud video conferencing experience from Lifesize delivers an unprecedented video communication and collaboration experience that makes it easy to connect for a conversation or conduct a high-profile meeting

  • Lifesize Icon 700 with integrated PTZ camera
  • Lifesize Phone HD
  • Power supply/cables

Lifesize Dash

Equip every meeting space and huddle room for video conferencing and empower your people to work together no matter where they are with Lifesize Dash, Lifesize’s free software-based video solution for
room kits.

  • Software compatible with  Windows and Chromebox devices, Android and iOS tablets
  • Turn your iOS or Android tablet into a interactive touchscreen controller
  • Camera (optional) and microphone needed
  • Host video meetings with up to 25 participants without the per-room licensing fees
  • Keyboard and mouse needed for intial setup
  • Easy setup – no tools required
  • Lifesize-operated support team
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