Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Perfect VC is committed to the privacy of our users. Whether you are a paying subscriber, or have just registered with one of our telecommunication-service providers, we take our obligation to protect your personal information seriously.

Both Perfect VC and all its partners will only use the data that you provide us (including your name, email addresses and telephone numbers) to facilitate telecommunications services (i.e., video conferencing sessions) by you and by other users of our service. We will normally not distribute this information to other organizations, and never to advertisers.

We log the date, time, duration, calling line identification and other information about telephone calls (including Voice-over-IP calls) to and from our conferencing service. If you participate in a hosted video conference, for example, we will make this information available to the conference organizer, to other participants and to the party responsible for the charges associated with the conference. This information may include (but is not limited to) your email address (usually also made available to us by the conference organizer), your name as registered with us and the telephone number(s) and/or IP addresses or other network identifiers used to access the service.

You may pay for our service by allowing us to charge your credit card. We never display credit card numbers, and we encrypt credit card information when we store it. We only use your credit card to settle telecommunications charges (i.e., for managed video audio conferencing) that you have agreed to.

Perfect VC cooperates with law enforcement and other government authorities. We may disclose personal information to these organizations when we reasonably believe that they have a legitimate and lawful need-to-know.

If you violate our Terms of Use, including (but not limited to) attempting to defraud or disrupt the operations of Perfect VC, Inc., you forfeit any and all protections provided under this Privacy Policy.

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