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Purchase Terms and Payment Policy

Perfect Video Conferencing is committed to our Customers at all times and will always strive for 100% customer satisfaction. You purchase solutions based on value and as such we remain committed to any guarantee we have put into place.

It is also important to complete the projects on time and fund our partners and suppliers in a timely manner. As such, here are the standard terms and condition of your purchased and the time-frame within which our team requires payment.

Perfect Video Conferencing | Global-Call Standard Sale Terms and Conditions:

NOTE: Any customized terms and conditions written on your signed quote are subject to these terms in the event of any conflict.

All pricing subject to change prior to customer acceptance of a Scope of Work or signed quote, and pricing is good until the expiration date on this quote. A minimum deposit of 50% must be received before quote expiration date to honor listed pricing, for the project to commence and for PVC to start ordering.  Progress payment of 25% is due upon delivery of software or equipment and final payment is due upon completion of the project. If a project completion is delayed past 10 days of estimate, a final payment minus a 5% withholding is due, net 30.

Late payments on final invoice will be subject to 2.5% interest after 30 days. Availability of parts and quoted pricing is based on distribution channel costs and is subject to distribution changes. Customer will be notified of any changes. Additional installation time due to customer delays, environmental problems or materials provided by other may result in additional charges.  Services are priced at regular business hours Monday through Friday 8am-5pm (local time), after hours, weekend and overtime rates apply. Any additional shipping, handling, construction and wiring will be charged if needed.   Product warranty is provided by manufacturer or as covered in any annual maintenance agreement.

Perfect VC provides 30 day refund warranty on all refurbished equipment. Authorized returns within 30 days of ordering are assessed a 20% restocking fee.

You may pay for our service by allowing us to charge your credit card. We never display credit card numbers, and we encrypt credit card information when we store it. We only use your credit card to settle telecommunications charges (i.e., for managed video audio conferencing) that you have agreed to.

Perfect VC cooperates with law enforcement and other government authorities. We may disclose personal information to these organizations when we reasonably believe that they have a legitimate and lawful need-to-know.

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