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Trusted Partners of Perfect Video Conferencing

We strive to be perfect at what we do, but we know your business may have related needs that go beyond what we can provide directly. That is why we have build a powerhouse of resources that can meet those needs, offering the same level of service and commitment as Perfect VC – expanding the suite of services we can offer and extending our reach around the globe.

  • Pixel River
  • Synnex
  • Jenne Distribution
  • Inflow Communications
  • VCAV Services
  • Network Access Products
  • Prime AV
  • Crawford Communications
  • DCS – Dynamic Collaborative Solutions
  • Vision Media
  • Kaliotek
  • Advantage Microsystems
  • Kinetix
  • Bridgepointe Technologies
  • EveryNetwork
  • Nuintu
  • Breeze Telecom

Support provided by this trusted consortium include:

  • Desktop Management
  • LAN / WAN Management
  • Project Management and Install Services
  • Carrier Services
  • IT Consulting
  • Complex AV Design, Install and Support


Global Support

Global support of your organization can be complicated. We have built the network to make it easy. Our relationships mean you have unified resources for all your unified communication needs, allowing you to get installs anywhere. We manage your projects end-to-end to provide that PERFECT experience – around the globe.

  • Consortium of Lifesize gold certified partners
  • ShoreTel Gold Circle of Excellence
  • Consortium of AV video conferencing installers

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