Events & Webinars

Events & Webinars

Webinar Replay - Distributing the Workforce Without Distributing Chaos & Complexity

PVC is presenting a live webinar about IT Challenges & Opportunities.

Outcomes and Learning Opportunities

  1. Be entered to Win a Free Executive Home Office Video Conferencing setup
  2. Review the challenges of maintaining company culture while managing a workforce – Presented by Randy Marcotte, Perfect Video Conferencing
  3. Understand and address the technical challenges of remote workforce setup – Presented by Rick at N2CON.
  4. Attend and receive a punch list and planning guide on how to manage that distributed workforce.

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Click Here to take the BeyondHQ Workplace Readiness Assessment

Perfect Video, N2Conand Logitech is pleased to present this facilitated panel discussion. Overcome the complexities and challenges you face when considering MS Teams as your video conferencing solution

In this webinar you will learn:

  • How N2Con can review and address your networking needs and licenses critical for a successful Teams video conferencing deployment.
  • How Perfect Video Conferencing install and professional services helps you guarantee an ROI.
  • Logitech’s innovative and comprehensive approach to Teams as a video conferencing platform.

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Kaptivoand PVC presented this webinar, discussing the benefits and advantages of whiteboard capturing and collaborating in today’s world. We discussed bridging the dry erase world into immersive collaboration with Lifesize.

Topics covered in this webinar:

  • How to bring brainstorming to video calls flawlessly.
  • Kaptivo’s roadmap and their current and future products.
  • The challenges of a cloudy cloud – too many choices, so little time.
  • AV integrationand Kaptivo as a unique way of solving unique challenges.
  • How to bring desktopand collaboration into your meetingsand record, streamand capture.

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Review Webinar! It's Just Not That Complicated or Is It? Customer Lessons Learned From IT & AV.

Watch the recording now.

With over 25 years of combined ITand Audio Visual experience, Advantage Microsystems and Perfect Video Conferencing are excited to present this facilitated panel discussion. Increasingly there are more and more options for video conferencing solutions and not all of them are created equally. Without the right network and infrastructure in place, any video platform or deployment can fail.

Join this webinarand discussionand learn:
Best practices for deployment and management so your video calls are flawless.
Common pitfalls encountered when planning collaboration rooms.
-How Javad, GNSS chose video conferencing years ago and still benefit.
-How Tea Collection chose bleeding-edge options to create user-friendly rooms.
-About the uniquely awesome approach taken by PVC and Advantage Microsystems.

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Missed an event? Never fear, we likely recorded it.

Webinar Recording From Our Partner, Phoenix Audio!

SIP Spider Conference phone

In this short webinar, learn about Phoenix Audio’s SIP Spider Conference phone (MT505). It’s a great opportunity to learn about the product featuresand benefits! Give Perfect Video Conferencing a call for all your video conferencing needs!

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Webinar Recording - Notre Dame and New Hampshire Discuss Video Communications with Zoom and Internet2

New Hampshire Discuss Video Communications with Zoom and Internet2. See how IT leadership from the University of Notre Dame and the University of New Hampshire discuss selecting a video communication solution for their universities, including criteria and piloting process, and the secrets of successful deployment and adoption of technology.

The webinar also features new details of Zoom’s availability through the Internet2 NET+ program.

Click Here to view the recording!

Webinar - WEATHER ALERT! Perfect Video Conferencing and Yealink Make Your Cloud Choices Clear.

Thursday, September 29th - 10:00-10:30 AM PDT

It took only about 30 minutes to discover howYealink delivers state-of-the-art UC & C terminal solutions characterized by high quality, rich features, an excellent user experience, easy deployment and optimal cost performance. In this webinar, see how these solutions help enterprises to increase communication efficiency and to reduce communication costs.

Check out the recording of this free webinar hosted by Perfect Video Conferencing and Yealink.

Webinar Replay- How to Solve Crappy Audio Without Needing a PhD in Sound

Tuesday, August 30th - 10:00-10:30 AM PDT

It took only about 30 minutes to discover why bad audio kills video, how to avoid those pitfalls without breaking the budget and ensure the best possible audio solution to your video conferencing needs. Our technology experts discussed choosing the right audio solution to help you overcome these issuesand more:

  1. Frequent audio issues
  2. Background noise
  3. Low talkers, long tables
  4. Cross talk

Check out the recording of this free webinar hosted by Perfect Video Conferencing and Phoenix Audio Technologies.

December Update!:

Last month, Phoenix Audio had a webinar on the Octopus Audio Conferencing Mixer (MT454). If you missed it, check it out here:

In addition, we just uploaded a new video about our Spider’s Call Bridging function. Click here to watch.

The Huddle Room, Conference Room and BEYOND

Thursday, August 25th -11:00 AM Pacific

This complimentary webinar revealed how Zoomand our new partner AVer have re-imagined the video conference room. We explored how Zoomand AVer can fit your needs from the huddle room to the boardroom to the large training room.

To see what all the buzz in the industry is about, check out the webinar recording.

AVer is an award-winning provider of visual collaboration solutions that improve productivityand enrich lives. AVer solutions leverage the power of visual communications to help people connect with one another to achieve great things. Aligned with Perfect Video Conferencing, AVer is deeply committed to our communityand the environmentand employ stringent green processes in all we do.

Webinar Replay- How To Set Up a Video Conference Room Without Getting Fired: 5 Things You Can't Miss

Wednesday, August 17, 10am PDT

CEO Randy Marcotte hosted this FREE, 1 hour, live webinar.

With over two decades of experience, Randy Marcotte is an authority in video conferencing. Recognized as the video conferencing expert, he was interviewed by Frost & Sullivan as well as other credible organizations in the industry.

Attendees learned:  

  • 5 things to discover when designing a video conference room
  • The Dosand Don’ts of conference room audio video solutions
  • What you need to know about conference room video cameras
  • The most common mistakes when installing video conference solutions

Click HERE to view the free recording of this webinar

Go Big With Zoom Rooms!

July 17th, 2016

Topics Covered: – Schedule, host, and report on your webinars – Take advantage of features such as polling, Q&A, and the ability to promote attendees to live panelists – Engage with up to 50 video panelists and 10,000 viewers. Watch the recording now.

Your turn to be more effective and save thousands, just like we did. Use Video Conferencing that actually works!

Did you miss out?  In this webinar, Les Hoffman of Phoenix Systems and Randy Marcotte of Perfect Video Conferencing (California, USA) provided an in-depth look at how Zoom is enabling small and medium-sized enterprises like yours to communicate and collaborate in real-time seamlessly. Clickand watch the recording now.

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