Telemedicine Video Conferencing Solutions

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Telemedicine Video Conferencing Solutions

Healthcare organizations, medical professionals, and patients are benefiting from medical video conferencing as it revolutionizes the industry in a number of exciting ways. Perfect VC offers telemedicine video conferencing software solutions that will improve provider communication and collaboration, transform patient care while improving their overall experience, and build individual medical expertise, all while lowering healthcare costs.

PerfectVC in partnership with Lifesize is changing the lives of millions of providers and patients around the world with cutting-edge video conferencing technology.

As innovators in video conferencing, we are eager to lead your healthcare organization toward the cutting-edge of modern communication. Medical video conferencing offers a new frontier in patient care, so contact one of our technical engineers today and find out how Perfect VC can unify your communications in innovative ways.

Telemedicine Video Conferencing Solutions – A More Efficient Way To Treat Patients


  • Reduce the costs associated with regular office visits, including travel expense and time
  • Collect patient information while they remain in the comfort of their home
  • Medical video conferencing makes it possible for hospitals to create networks within, and outside of, their own institution
  • Innovative software solutions allow for cube calling, making it possible to communicate via a wide array of protocols
  • From an initial consultation to ongoing recovery, telemedicine video conferencing offers a comprehensive solution when in-house visits simply aren’t possible

The unending strain on the healthcare industry demands that healthcare organizations discover new ways to interact with patients in need of primary care. Medical video conferencing not only addresses in-house communications, staff productivity, and cost controls, but also seeks to improve the overall quality of patient care.

Balancing the business needs of a healthcare facility with its role as a public service entity has never been easy, but by breaking down the barriers of resource and geographic boundaries, telemedicine video conferencing accomplishes both.

Your medical facility requires a personalized telemedicine package suited to your particular needs. Whether you seek to improve connectivity between medical professionals or simply offer patients a way to receive remote healthcare, we can develop a software solution fully integrated with your contact center.


Technology, Video Conferencing Solutions, and the Transformation of Healthcare

From X-Rays to MRI machines, technology has always had a transformative effect on the healthcare industry. Telemedicine technology has been around far longer than many people realize, but the closed-circuit television of the 1950s has little to do with today’s video conferencing innovations.

Until recently, the expense of medical video conferencing prevented its use in everyday operations. Cheaper bandwidth and improved communications technology makes it possible for today’s healthcare professionals to take full advantage of its many benefits.


Better Communication To Improve Training

How much time and money is wasted when staff is forced to travel to meetings, conferences, and training sessions?

Indeed, these costs can make ongoing staff training prohibitive. A video conferencing solution solves this problem by allowing for desktop and room video conferencing from remote locations all over the world.

Perfect VC offers software solutions that allow for cube calling, connecting professionals over a wide array of protocols to keep the flow of communication moving effortlessly. This allows your staff to fully benefit from all sorts of university-based learning courses without the need for expensive travel. Full certification has never been easier, or more cost-effective, to attain.

Medical Video Conferencing Solutions

  Telemedicine Video Conferencing for Collaboration

Many healthcare organizations operate from different locations around the country, or even internationally. Collaboration between professionals need not be cumbersome, because video conferencing allows geographically dispersed sites to connect as though they were working under the same roof.

This means that case loads and individual expertise can be shared in real-time, with obvious benefits to doctor and patient alike. From routine checkups to lifesaving critical care, healthcare professionals can use video conferencing to communicate instantly from virtually anywhere on the planet.


  Helping Patients From Anywhere

One of the most exciting ways video conferencing is revolutionizing healthcare is by offering much-needed healthcare to patients in remote, rural areas around the world. When a specialist or emergency services are needed in places where such care is simply not available, medical video conferencing turns the impossible into a reality.

For patients living in rural areas, the virtual elimination of travel times to medical facilities makes it possible to conduct more frequent checkups. Not only does this increase the quality of care but saves the patient from incurring the high cost of travel, unless it’s absolutely necessary.

Emergency care in remote areas presents numerous problems, especially when winter travel to a hospital must be done on treacherous highways covered in ice and snow. Established telemedicine video conferencing networks allow patients to seek primary care at a local medical facility that can access this network to obtain assistance from highly specialized personnel like cardiologists. This type of teleconferencing also benefits newborns and recovering mothers who can seek diagnosis through the network without being forced to make unnecessary trips to the emergency room.

Why Choose PerfectVC For Your Teleconferencing Solutions Needs?

We understand that your use of teleconferencing technology hinges on our ability to fully customize a solution that fits your unique needs. As your trusted partner, we focus on using these resources to make your healthcare organization more successful by effortlessly harnessing the power of video conferencing.

Teleconferencing technology is rapidly advancing, so we remain at the forefront of evolving trends so that we can continue to maximize the efficiency of your design and implementation. For medical industry professionals, technology is only useful if it benefits patients while acknowledging the requirements of business. At Perfect VC, our extensive experience with teleconferencing in a variety of business applications allows us to design and implement video conferencing solutions that maximize efficiency and drive down costs – all while benefiting patients in need of quality medical care.

For more information about medical video conferencing, contact us today and let us show you the benefits of partnership, innovation, and value that we offer clients all over the world.

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