Returning to Work- What Comes Next? Conferencing and Collaboration: Part 1

Perfect Video ConferencingConference Rooms Perfect Video ContentReturning to Work- What Comes Next? Conferencing and Collaboration: Part 1

Purpose: Part 1: We are wondering out loud and would like you to join the conversation.  We surveyed our customer base and have some observations we wanted to share. We are looking for feedback from you on predicting and planning the office of the future because that is what the team at Perfect Video Conferencing is here for!

Welcome to Corona-Ville, how can we be of service? The team at Perfect VC doesn’t have to RETURN to work, we’ve been here through it all. Existing projects needed to be completed and because we are in IT support, we have been able to access our customer installs and help get offices ready. We have experienced a very significant slowdown and face uncertainties ahead, but having had the opportunity to explore a new normal (whatever that is) we wanted to offer some observations. We hope they will help you plan your office return (whenever that is). Meanwhile, take a look at some fun hashtags; #coronacrazy #coronacats have been a couple of our favorites.

In some instances, we are also poking fun- at the situation and ourselves.  This has not been fun or funny, but once this all in the rearview mirror, we expect there are some important lessons we will have learned. We have seen three distinct and different approaches to the CoronaCrazy events, so we wanted to approach this from that perspective.

  1. This is terrorizing – I can’t go back to work!
  2. This is no big deal, let’s go to happy hour!
  3. This requires focus, so act like a parent (or an office manager) – how do we take care of the children and make sure they are safe!

In all three parts of this series, we have some baselines for context that will be repeated in each, and we will offer the fourth post with a simplified summary. Now, let’s get to work.

First, here is the baseline:

  1. We don’t know how serious or not serious this is in your area, so regardless of all that debate, PVC is acting in a way that will protect us and you from this and any other contagion we all might carry.
  2. We are going to follow the CDC and OSHA guidelines and look to our customers and partners for feedback.
  3. We are here to help build great collaboration spaces and perfect video conferencing deployments and strategies.
  4. These are unique times, so we are looking forward to creating unique approaches and solutions.

During this COVID-19 lockdown, Perfect Video Conferencing (PVC) has developed new practices to keep our onsite staff and subcontractors safe and for your teams to feel comfortable with us returning to your offices. As the policy is updated changes will be posted here.

We start with the basics- vigorous hand washing at least once an hour and immediately after touching something that you are not sure is or has been disinfected. We elbow or tissue sneeze and do so similarly when we cough. We are wearing masks, always. The masks are awkward and uncomfortable. Our glasses fog up. We are asking others to put on masks when they are not, and we are prepared to stop what we are doing and walk away- even if it costs the customer more time and money. Safety comes first.

Group 1 – This is terrorizing – I can’t go back to work! 

Well, yes you can – and there has to be more to our day than social media. The concerns about getting and bringing something home to family members are legitimate, but so too the desire to have a productive workplace.

Recent installs and on-site work deemed essential, we have some thoughts to share with you about the return to work.

  • Wearing masks and adhering to mask policy is going to be difficult and positive peer pressure is going to be needed. Stop in at any Home Depot on a Saturday AM to get an example.
  • Compliance issues will be a challenge. While PVC was at various customer locations recently, we noticed masks coming off, conversations in close proximity, infrequent hand-washing, and hand-sanitizer being scarce and bathrooms doors being locked or soap dispensers empty. Customers and venders seemed embarrassed when they noticed our team being strictly adherent and then compiled with basic protection guidelines.
  • Working from home has become a right, not a privilege. Staff will seek justification as to why they must come to the office rather than why they cannot work from home.
  • Sick leave and HR policies around all of this are going to need a refresh.

The workplace scares me! Ok, what is our approach if you think this is terrorizing? Know your limits and be ready with data around contact tracing. Keep a log or note interactions. More importantly, lead with good home office etiquette.

  • Shower and show up ready to work and use the camera, microphone, and speaker to enhance the conversation, not hinder it.
  • Take on some of the burdens yourself and make your work from home situation desirable for both you and for your employer.
  • If you have to report to the office, do so in compliance with the guidelines and speak up about your experience and expectations. We find our customers figuring this out as we go along, so go along with the process of discovery.

Working from home used to be considered a benefit, not a right. If working from home does become the norm, it is likely your organization will need to do what a number of our customers have done.  We can help you set up the right home office.

  1. Proper ergonomics and setting that gives you the most professional look possible
  2. Lighting, sound, and microphones make a difference. We will gladly help you pick or find a good home office solution that scales.
  3. Virtual backgrounds, sound, and noise-canceling technology will go a long way, as will knowing where to find and how to use quick click mute options.

Are you still afraid of going back to the office?  Again, offer your help. Lend a hand to the team that is coming up with a good policy return to work policy. We see our customers struggling with maintaining productivity, culture, and safety within their teams.  You can play a role in that too. Reshape the new normal to be a better normal. We have some miraculous technology around us, you can help use it to create a new, exciting, and enjoyable return to work.

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