Vidyo Enabled Customer Contact – A Video Contact Center to Watch!

Perfect Video ConferencingVidyoVidyo Enabled Customer Contact – A Video Contact Center to Watch!

We are excited that our newest cloud service and video conferencing partner, Vidyo is making a strong push into the connected customer video conferencing. Our team has had much success integration with services like Skype for Business, ShoreTel SIP calls and the leading cloud-based video conferencing bridge solutions, so the progression to contact center engagements makes great sense.

In fact, our partners at Hitch Video (launching in January 2017) will come to market with a fully modular WebRTC video contact center and database management solution. It seems natural that the likes PVCand Hitch will want to work with the Vidyo team to develop cross-platform integrations.

With this is in mind, we have to ask. Is there a market for cameras in contact centers? Do your agents want to be on camera? Will it service your customers better? Do you really want to see your customer? Answer? Well, it depends. There absolutely is market for specialized deployments of video consultations. With Vidyo leading the way, we are glad to join the ride.

Vidyo differentiates itself through high-quality, flexible, scalable, and affordable visual communications. Foregoing legacy hardware and dedicated networks, Vidyo’s software-based solution enables companies to rapidly deploy and scale video collaboration on a secure and reliable platform. Vidyo delivers video on any endpoint without loss of quality, which is particularly important when engaging with customers over mobile and the Internet. The solutions are designed to work well over non-QoS networks, including Wi-Fi or 3G/4G connections, adapting to changing conditions with a high level of resiliency so that calls are not affected by network conditions. In fact, the company claims its VidyoCloud solution offers unsurpassed error resiliency in challenging network environments and can even adapt to 20% packet loss, which is more than double the industry average. VidyoCloud delivers high performance at the extreme ends of the quality spectrum, from mobile and wireless networks to robust networks leveraging 4Kand
5K displays.

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